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Witty Classic Bundle

Witty Classic Bundle

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Enjoy the classic line of Witty Tui Plant-based Deli! Each bundle includes 1 x of each:

Italian style (180 g NET)

Unleash the bold Italian flavour! Slice it, dice it, savour it cold or hot. This aromatic blend of herbs is a superstar in pizza, salads, pasta and appetisers.

Roast Beef style (180 g NET)

Prepare for a flavour fiesta! Indulge in the rich, bold, savoury goodness with a touch of sweet and smoky allure. Enjoy it cold or sizzle it up in toasties, wraps, salads, or mouth-watering appetisers.

Smoked Ham style (180 g NET)

Get ready for a smokin' sensation! Dive into the classic hickory-smoked goodness. Devour it cold or fire it up in sandwiches, rolls, salads, or power-packed snacks. Taste the deliciousness!

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