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Witty Big Bundle

Witty Big Bundle

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Try all 5 of the Witty Tui Plant-based Deli! Each bundle includes 1 x of each:

Smoked Ham style (180g NET)

Get ready for a smokin' sensation! Dive into the classic hickory-smoked goodness. Devour it cold or fire it up in sandwiches, rolls, salads, or power-packed snacks. Taste the deliciousness!

Italian style (180g NET)

Unleash the bold Italian flavour! Slice it, dice it, savour it cold or hot. This aromatic blend of herbs is a superstar in pizza, salads, pasta and appetisers.

Pastrami style (180g NET)

Spice up your life with tradition! Embrace the peppery, smoky allure. Savour it cold or ignite the heat in Reuben sandwiches, wraps, pizza, or a gourmet platter. Prepare for taste bud fireworks!

Glazed Ham style (180g NET)

A salty kick meets a sweet and spicy twist. Devour it cold or heat it up in sandwiches, rolls, or power snacks. Flavours that'll make your taste buds dance!

Roast Beef style (180g NET)

Prepare for a flavour fiesta! Indulge in the rich, bold, savoury goodness with a touch of sweet and smoky allure. Enjoy it cold or sizzle it up in toasties, wraps, salads, or mouth watering appetisers.

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